Three insights from three studies of big data in the labour market - ILO/Cinterfor Notes No. 11

This note quickly analyzes the evolution of data management on employment intermediation and reviews the characteristics of three national studies in which, in order to establish skill gaps, data recorded in the databases of public or private labour intermediation companies have been extracted. Emphasis is placed on the evolution of the data; from the typical form completed by hand (1970s), which then moved to a computerized application (1990s) and which, at present, is in the world of the Internet or “the cloud”, as they say.

The central idea is to show the enormous potential that data in the cloud has for analyzing supply-demand mismatches in the labour market - from labour intermediation - as well as the limitations still present, based mainly on three studies developed by ILO/Cinterfor in 2020 and 2021 in Uruguay, Dominican Republic and Paraguay.

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