Review of continuing training experiences with enterprises in Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica and Spain.

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This report is a product of the technical cooperation activities developed in the framework of the agreement between the National Apprenticeship Service -SENA- of Colombia and ILO/Cinterfor for the year 2021.

It is a review of four experiences of vocational and continuing training experiences in enterprises, for the cases of vocational training institutions in four countries: Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica and Spain. For each one, we present the services offered and their mode of implementation, the public policies and regulations that support them, the financing scheme envisaged, the mechanisms for identifying training needs, the format for monitoring and evaluating training activities and their subsequent contribution to the continuous improvement of the value proposition. It also shares the results achieved for the years 2019 and 2020 within the framework of each experience and lists its main highlights, trying at all times to highlight, whenever possible, those notable aspects that make up its philosophy and design and deployment strategy.

This report has been made possible thanks to the valuable collaboration of: SENCE of Chile, INA of Costa Rica, SENA of Colombia and FUNDAE of Spain. ILO/Cinterfor expresses its deep gratitude to these institutions, which have shared their experiences and good practices, contributing to knowledge management as a means for the dissemination and strengthening of existing capacities in the Network of institutions linked to the development of vocational training.

The document is only available in Spanish.

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