Pre-apprenticeship programs (PaPs) for Latin America and the Caribbean during and after the COVID-19 crisis

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This publication aim is to provide a starting point for a transformation process in the VET systems in LAC, to offer attractive educational solutions for different groups of young people and to lay a solid foundation for developing future skilled workforce that meets the requirements of the private sector translating into growing economies in the region.

The five key messages of this publication are:

* Most importantly, pre-apprenticeships are the “feeder” of quality apprenticeships  and “heal” shortcomings from compulsory schools to smoothen the transition to quality apprenticeships.
* Pre-apprenticeship programs should help to expand existing initiatives of quality apprenticeships in the region because they increase the pool of qualified candidates and, therefore, may lead to more interest on the side of the employers.
* Pre-apprenticeships have the potential to help tackling some of the existing problems in the region like skills gaps, low graduation rates from secondary education, low permeability in the education system, fewer chances for vulnerable groups, high drop-out rates in VET and child labor. 
* The crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is demanding for a new and innovative solution like PaPs and for acting now, because many of the problems mentioned have intensified in the crisis. 
* The inspiring example from Mexico, as well as the reports from Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, and Paraguay, illustrate and validate the concept of PaPs that we propose in this publication and confirm that PaPs might be the missing piece in the puzzle for VET in the region.


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