Message from the Director at the end of 2021

This is an opportune moment to share some reflections, learnings and challenges that this period has left us with.

Everything we have experienced during the pandemic has been followed by months of construction, review and effort by hundreds of professionals in our vocational training community, who have poured all their knowledge and experience into fulfilling the objective of making vocational training a path to recovery, a road towards alternatives and opportunities.

This was precisely the theme we chose to commemorate at our 45th Technical Committee Meeting (TCM): Training for a Productive Recovery and Transformation with Decent Work.

Every TCM is a milestone in the history of Cinterfor, a Centre that transforms and grows in the service of vocational training and the strengthening of people's skills. And this 2021 edition, set in a context of uncertainty and distances, but also of a strong longing for reunion, has been highly demanding for our team.

The 45th Technical Committee Meeting, held between 16 and 18 November in Madrid, Spain, became a hybrid meeting, where practically all the institutions of our network were represented in person, with around 190 people, as well as those who connected remotely.

In the various blocks addressed, it was possible to visualise the power of sharing experiences and new learning, which is the essence of Cinterfor, the alliance for horizontal technical cooperation and collective construction. The desire to share and move forward together is the backbone of this community.

Our 45th TCM showed that change is always possible and that technological advances make it possible to reach more people, to expand our community and to impact other areas. Between March 2020 and September 2021, the virtual actions developed made it possible to reach more than 7,500 people from all over the region and also from Europe, and a much larger number if we look at the subsequent consumption of all the events generated.

These have been months of challenges but also of many collective achievements and progress.

Now comes a moment of pause, to commemorate what has been achieved, to rest and renew energies to promote new responses to the conditions of the coming year and the spirit of collectivity and exchange.  

From the Cinterfor team, we wish you happy holidays and moments of celebration with your loved ones. May the new year be full of new successes!

Best regards,

Anne Caroline Posthuma
Director ILO/Cinterfor