Conference 12/8: Regional Qualifications Framework LAC: creation, quality and governance of EQFs

On Thursday August 12, a new session of the cycle "Towards a Regional Qualifications Framework in Latin America and the Caribbean" was held. On this occasion, Arjen Deij (Expert in qualification systems), European Training Foundation (ETF) and Hiromichi Katayama (Literacy and Skills Development Program Specialist), UNESCO (Paris); developed the topic through the following points:

• European Qualifications Framework.
• Stages in the process of setting up a RQF. Concept, usefulness and correlation process.
• Quality assurance of RQFs.
• Governance of RQFs.
• RQF in lifelong learning and quality in TVET systems

This cycle was made possible thanks to a partnership between ILO/Cinterfor, the Organization of American States (OAS) and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) with the aim of addressing various aspects related to the topic of qualifications frameworks.

The activity, which was attended by more than 180 people from all over the region, was facilitated by Liliana González, ILO/Cinterfor consultant, and Fernando Vargas, ILO/Cinterfor vocational training specialist.

You can access the full recording and summary, as well as the presentation made by our guest specialist.