New normal and vocational training. Contributions from the experience of four training institutions


This study, carried out by CAF and ILO/Cinterfor, seeks to characterise the processes of return to face-to-face training in four Vocational Training Institutions (VTIs) in the LAC region: the National Industrial Learning Service -SENAI- in Brazil, the National Learning Service -SENA- in Colombia, the National Learning Institute -INA- in Costa Rica and the National Institute for Technical Vocational Training -INFOTEP- in the Dominican Republic.

Based on interviews with the highest authorities of these institutions, it analyses the factors that motivated this decision and the criteria and institutional transformations that are defining the new normal in vocational training and education.
The aim is to glimpse the effects that the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic have imposed on the development of vocational education, in a scenario in which many countries are recovering full mobility and are now considering how and in what way the new normal will be presented. The analysis presented in this paper attempts to address these effects on pedagogical models, curricular content, professional development of teachers and trainers, funding and partnerships.

It is hoped that the results of the paper will contribute to the analysis of the main challenges of teaching at this level, and the main responses offered by the performance of four professional training institutions recognised for their good performance. These choices will serve to provide a set of recommendations that contribute to the construction of strategies for action that will result in the expansion of opportunities for access to these offers, the improvement of their quality, relevance and capacity to develop skills that young people and professionals in the region need to perform successfully in the changing global labour context.

Full Report only in Spanish

Migues, Felipe
Vargas Zúñiga, Fernando
Díaz, Bibiam Aleyda
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